I believe that every person leaves some kind of legacy. For some it’s positive. For some it’s negative. But here’s what I know: we have a choice about what legacy we will leave, and we must work and be intentional to leave the legacy we want.
— John C. Maxwell, Failing Forward

Estate planning is the practice of setting down on paper your intentions for your future and your legacy.  

I am passionate about helping you illustrate the legacy you wish to leave.  I opened the Law Offices of Robert V. Aghazarian, P.C. in 2007 to do exactly that.   

Rob is by far the most knowledgeable, friendly and professional attorney I have ever known. He approaches his business in a way that is caring, informative, and insightful.
— Britt Nemeth

I have taken to using the word "Illustrating" because it does a much better job of explaining exactly what the process of estate planning entails.  The word Illustrate originated from Latin and means to "shed light on", to "educate by means of examples", and the "act of making clear in the mind".  Today people often associate illustrating with drawing.  The process of estate planning entails all of this.

Illustrating your intentions for your legacy starts with a free consultation to EDUCATE you on everything that impacts you and your estate.  We SHED LIGHT on your intentions and CLARIFY IN YOUR MIND exactly what you want to see happen under various scenarios.  Finally, we DRAW up a comprehensive plan that will enable you and your loved ones to put your affairs in order and leave an intentional legacy.  An estate plan often includes naming guardians for children, detailing last wishes (wills, trusts, beneficiary designations), planning for contingencies (living wills, powers of attorney), protecting assets (partnership and buy-sell agreements), transferring real property, and advice on obtaining life-insurance and long-term care.